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We have come across heaps of brand products everywhere and it's okay to mix and match along with the other product categories. But have you wondered, won't it be best to have a skincare set that has it all for a worthy price? It can be annoying to have to pick and choose different products from different brands just to try it out and waste so much time and money. Why not have a skincare set so that you can stick to it and actually stay with it to see the difference in your skin.

Rule of thumb if you keep buying different purchases, you will never know which ones that actually work, does it make sense? Well, it was a lightbulb moment for me, when I was looking through social media and noticed what a pain to actually try various products from different websites. Why not just get a skincare set and stick with it to see if works? Save time and cost. I have noticed a couple of brands that I was interested to share with you.

Here are a few options that your skin will love you for it:


Image from Goodieco

Three philosophy comes in mind for an Australian founded by Jo a beauty therapist and an inspiring lady. #womenentreprenuer

  1. It has to work

  2. Simple is BETTER

  3. Care for both customers and planet

Not only that, their packaging is made of glass and metal, zero plastic. Don't we love brands that are ecofriendly, zero-toxins, and caring to the planet? YES! Their skincare products come in an easy 3-steps routine. Ingredients that you can actually understand and not some gizmo gimmick. Infused with botanical ingredients from natural resources by farmers to extract the richest and authentic match for the customers. One of my favorites is the Nourishing Trio - 3 steps routine, because of the antioxidant organic ingredient it helps to treat eczema and rosacea which can be a great remedy for most people. If you are unsure which skin type you are, there is a skin quiz you can take before purchasing to have a better idea of where your skin type is at. Natural organic skincare set to start your skin journey.


Image from Samson & Charlie

A clean beauty brand beautifully crafted in Australia, founded by Carole Staeck. #womenentreprenuer

The most uncomplicated minimalist skincare that suits all skin types, gentle and purposeful. It is designed to minimize your skincare time in your busy life. It is all about the natural, organic, and vegan ingredients that fit it all. Enriched with organic flavourful elements such as Pineapple, Watermelon, and Kiwi extract to endow your skin with the nutrients as naturally as possible. it is packed with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will restore balance, regulate sebum level to improve skin longevity. A botanical way to start afresh skin.


Image from Happy Skincare

Honest. All-natural and non-toxic. Made using organic ingredients in Australia, founded by Aaron and Phoebe a loving parent with a while lot of sciences background.

Can we talk about how incredible the brand is? It is vegan, genuinely authentic, simple, and effective ingredients. Their philosophy for the brand is Happy Skin Happy You. Infused with rich Aloe Vera, Rose, and Pomegranate extract, it is everything your skin needs. It will rejuvenate your skin to feel luxurious and smooth. The purpose of these organic properties is to defeat the problematic areas of your skin by using the right elements. Each product is solely based to target different problem areas faced by consumers. Not all are the same, it is catered to specific skin type concerns. A happy way to start a happy skin.


Image from Botani

A toxin-free, plant-based skincare solution founded by naturopath and herbalist, Barbara Filokostas, family background of medicine healer ancestors. #womenentreprenuer

A skincare product line that eliminates unwanted chemical toxins and high concentrated ingredients that are harmful to our skin in the long run. Barbara wanted to take a holistic approach by using home remedies she learned from her ancestors. "A healing power of nature that will sync with the skin - allowing it to breathe instead of suffocating it with petroleum derivatives" Barbara Filokostas commented.

The key ingredients to her skincare products are Olive Squalene - a powerful anti-aging plant element that protects, hydrates, and rejuvenates the skin functionalities. Olive Squalene is extracted from the olives pomace, which has the richest antioxidant and high level of multi-beneficial properties. Such a plant that we take for granted could actually be our key to a healthier lifestyle and a cure to acne problems. A minimalistic, uncomplicated approach to natural beauty towards healthy skin.


Image from SEEH Skincare

A passionate skincare enthusiast with a chemical engineer background founded by Sophie. #womenentreprenuer

With her passion for product development, Sophie wanted to provide her consumers with the best experience with her products. Enriched with natural ingredients such as Mandarin Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Acai Berry Oil, and many more that will blow your mind, antioxidants, and minerals that will nourish and brighten your skin in the most nonchemical way possible even for the most sensitive skin type. SEEH Skincare range is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. I believe organic and natural elements are the method to treat your skin in the kindest way. To feel confident and empowered in your own skin.

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