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There are so many hair products in the market but what works for you?

We spend so much money to pamper ourselves to feel and look good and that is a good thing! But what kind of hair products will make it worth your every penny? Here I have listed a few products that work wonders on my bleached hair and I can guarantee you will get a perfect "hair salon" type of texture.

We all know the brand Olaplex, it is a famous brand used in hair salons and even has a home haircare kit version too. To be honest, I am not the type of girl who goes where the hype is and I never tried brands that are well known because I believe they just known for their marketing tricks that's all with zero substance. Ever since I bleached my hair, I was depressed to find a good haircare kit since I have spent so much money on my hair, I did not want it to go to waste. I think I might have to bite my tongue!

Here are my products that change my hair life:

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1. Olaplex No 4 & 5

Ok, allow me to give you a brief rundown on their products. There is 7 type of Olaplex products, No 1 & 2 are used in salons. The home haircare kit starts from No 3 onwards, No 3 is a hair treatment that you use once a week. After you condition your hair you can apply No 3 on damp hair and leave it for as long as you want for better result and then you rinse it off (No, you can't leave it in) but unfortunately, I did not purchase it because I am the laziest person, I just want to settle everything in the shower and be done with it. I can't be bothered to rinse my hair again after a few hours. Honestly, I don't think it is necessary to buy No 3, it is just an additional expense. Because when I use No 4 & 5, it delivers good results and that's good enough for me.

When I use No 4 & 5 for shampoo and conditioner, I can notice the difference in one wash like instantly (Yes, I kid you not!). As you know, I am a fan of products that has good ingredients and Olaplex is vegan, cruelty-free, silicone-free, and paraben-free. Therefore, it doesn't damage your hair color in the long run and helps to repair the hair bonds from breakage so even when I run my fingers through my wet hair there is no breakage at all, how amazing! Oh, and the smell is divine after washing I can't stop smelling my hair, it smells so fruity like as if you are on a tropical island. I must say this is one of my proud purchases. I know the size is fairly small but the best part of it is you don't even have to squeeze much, just enough for a round circle and you are good to go. Trust me, I have spent so much money on salon products but nothing works. I had been through a lot of trials with my hair until I found the one that suits me. Don't give up honeypots, we are in it together!

Price range: AU$50 each for 250ml

Buy it here.

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2. Olaplex No 6 & 7

Ok, so after your hair is washed and clean what do you apply next? I use No 6 & 7, and I mixed them both. I know they are small-sized but I have used for over 6 months and it's not even half a bottle - a little goes a long way. You can apply individually but I recommend mixing them to give the "hair salon" finishing touch and your hair will look bouncier after a quick blow or even air dry. I have tried using No 7 by itself, but it doesn't deliver as well without No 6. Either or, for No 6 it's all about the softness and No 7 is all about the shine so when it's paired, it will give both shine and softness. Your hair texture plays a big part too when you have naturally soft hair then you can get No 7 to add a little shine. Save you an extra dollar and step! As for me, my hair is terribly damaged literally no life at all so by mixing them it feels like I have a brand new hairpiece! None of the products leaves a greasy look, it absorbs quickly in your hair and no one can even tell you had hair products on. It's like you are born with it!

Price range: AU$50 each

Buy it here.

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3. Alterna Hair Restructuring Bond Repair 3-in-1 Sealing Serum

This is the newest addition in my hair routine, I received it as a sample and fell in love immediately. As I mention, I can be lazy at times so once I am done with No 4 & 5 and want a quick leave-on hair treatment I used Alterna Hair Restructuring Bond Repair 3-in-1 Sealing Serum. It is good for those who do not have time to lather many hair products before work especially in the morning - when we are half awake so this product will set your hair in the right direction for the whole day. Again, this is another amazing product that is so underrated and it is quite shocking actually. The ingredients are fairly organic, it has sunflower oil, apple, and caviar extract - added points for natural ingredients! Don't think that this is an expensive product because of the caviar extract in it. It is the same price range as Olaplex and it is equally as good. Just apply 2 pumps on your damp hair and you are good to go. However on the downside, if you have fine hair then I suggest applying 1 pump to prevent greasiness. It is quite a heavy product that is best suited for thicker hair. There is a whole range of Alterna products that would be nice to play around to see what works for you. I believe it is a good investment.

Price range: AU$50 for 50ml

Buy it here.

4. ColorWOW Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner

These are my newest collection that I have been trying for my brutally damaged hair. Ever since the 2020 lockdown, my colored hair has gone wild and I was reading through reviews on these products and I was drawn by so many positive remarks To be honest, I am not a brand person but to save my hair, I needed a change. I am telling you, I am a convert now. This is a stunning shampoo and easy application (no squeezy or shaking the bottle for the product to come out) it is a well thought practical design. Kudos for the design (you can sense my struggle)! Don't get me started on the smell! It smells divine, and it lathers on my thick hair so effortlessly even though it is not a thickening shampoo. After washing it off, my hair feels so clean and light. I like the fact that is a silicone-free, paraben-free, keratin-free, and cruelty-free, all those heavy ingredients does not do justice to your hair and are really bad for your hair. The conditioner deserves an award! After I lather on the conditioner, I could literally run my fingers through my hair without getting stuck in those hair knots and I love it. It does not leave any left-over residues of the shampoo and conditioner. It is really a great quality shampoo and conditioner, would definitely be in my top five.

Price range: AU$50 each for 250ml

Buy it here.

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