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I have always struggled to find the right skincare products or skincare brands for my skin. For this period, I have decided to really dedicate myself to a proper skincare routine that fits me. I am not going to follow other people's skincare routines blindly and splurge in ways that will cause a hole in my wallet. I am going to be smart about it and I am going to design a routine that fits only me for dry and very dry skin in the simplest way possible.

Let's dive right into the 4 steps for my skincare routine that I've created by mix-matching other brands.


I have been doing a little experiment of my own. Trying out foam cleanser, milk cleanser, oil cleanser etc.. the list goes on. But there is one brand in particular that I was really keen to try which is the Murad range and it is not a cheap brand, that was why I was hesitated to try at first.

Thankfully, the cleanser was the most affordable compared to other Murad products. I decided to give it a go, and remember I mentioned I wanted to be smart on splurging that's when I decided to give this a try on this one at least I own one product from Murad. And to be honest, I was sold by the word: hydration and Prebiotic 4 in 1 and the color purple. So pretty!

I love this cleanser, it is so refreshing and gentle on my skin. It removes makeup so well and really hydrates the skin. Honestly, I have nothing much to say because it says what it promises and it gets the job done.

My skin is very happy with the contents of the active ingredients. You can use this cleanser as a double cleanser especially when you are wearing makeup.

It is a good buy for utmost hydration cleanser.



What saves my skin from falling off? The one and only holy grail Vitamin B serum.

This serum is like a tonic to my skin routine. Vitamin B is one of the ingredients to look for any skin type. Not only does it help with dry skin, but it cures acne dark spots, pigmentation, and discoloration. Vitamin B is one of the best ingredients that contain high active content like Niacinimide and Hydrohalic acid that is the best for your skin.

Not only does it treat your skin but it helps brighten, gives radiance, and protects your skin from any harmful bacteria.

I have been using this product for a year and it is the only one I am willing to splurge on. This is can be quite expensive but I believe it is worth it when you have the best of both worlds, Niacinimide and HA.



I have written a lot about moisturizers and what suits your skin type for different climates. As for me, I have such difficulty in finding the right one especially when you live in a seasonal country. Where I am, the humidity level is zero and it is always so dry so I am sure you guy might be thinking to get a lightweight moisturizer or a water-based one but that, my friend, does not work for me.

I was watching a youtube video and came across this brand (I have heard of it, of course) but just did not bother too much about this brand, La Roche Posay. As you know I have dry skin, and I know they cater to "troubled" kind of skin. I did my research and came across this range for dry to enzyme prone skin. I know it sounds too much, but I am telling my skin loves it. I used it for all seasons and it never disappoints. No breakouts nothing and the best part is the is niacinamide in the ingredient and you know how much I love niacinamide. This gentle moisturizer is a lifesaver.

It is thick ad heavyweight but if you have dry skin like the Sahara desert, your skin will be thankful.



Rain or shine, you have to protect your skin from the sun. If you do not wish to have wrinkles or damaged skin, apply sunscreen. Since my skin is obsessed with the moisturizer, I figured I should give it a try on the sunscreen.

It is lightweight and does not leave any white cast. It definitely compliments well with the moisturizer. The best part is, there is no fragrance or "perfumey" scent which I truly appreciate.

It works well with the moisturizer, and it gives a radiant and flawless finish. It is perfect over makeup as it glides easily and sits well on the skin. I really enjoyed doing my own experiment and for the first time, I could see my skin is actually satisfied with the products.

You do not need to purchase expensive products to achieve positive results. You should invest more in drugstores products and you will be surprised at how effective affordable products are.


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