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Simply said it's not the end of the world. Every problem has its solution. Here are the most basic need-to-know remedies to save your skin.

Finally, there is a term called for our mischievous hormonal mood swings skin, it's called skin barrier. We all have faced skin barrier issues and defeated them somehow in some sort of miraculous way. But why is it a big thing now? I'm sure we all had those issues since puberty but only just recently I noticed it became a huge talk about a topic on social media.

What is skin barrier?

Skin barrier is the most outer layer of the skin surface. It's the "first contact" of your skin when you apply products. There are many factors that you can have skin barrier by right, all of us have skin barrier without even realizing it. The only issue is we do not realize that we have it or we blame the products for not being effective or does not suit our skin etc. It basically means having a skin type, all of us have different skin types and we target those factors but skin barrier is a different issue that we have to focus on separately which most/or all of us don't realize. OK to avoid confusion, skin types are normal, oily, dry, combination, and acne-prone categories. What goes further after analyzing your skin type then that is a minor problem which is called "skin barrier". This is the gist between both.

Symptoms of skin barrier.

- Redness

- Tightness (Guilty!)

- Itchy

- Rosacea

- Rough to touch (Yup, totally me!)

- Dehydration (Join my clan)

- Sensitivity

- Flaky & Peeling

Honestly, there are many more that we are unaware of. I have written the common ones most of us faced.

Why do we get skin barrier?

The most common answers and honestly the truthful ones:

Wrong cleanser

Using the wrong face cleanser that will irritate the skin causing to produce skin barrier damage.

Wrong makeup products

Your skin might be sensitive to certain ingredients or might not like certain textures of the products, that is the next trigger.

Dirty makeup brushes

Bacteria, bacteria, home for the germs. Not gonna like, I am guilty of it too. Forgot or too lazy mostly to clean our brushes. That's why I prefer using my hands, to be honest. They are the cleanest, wash them, and apply the products. Always keep your hands clean.

Touch the face way too much

Again, guilty for that too. I love to pick on my pimples or black/whiteheads. I know it's hard but your hands have gone places that are not very good for your face!

Bad eating habits

Major sinful issue. Fried Food and Lack of water. Hydration is key. No matter how many moisturizer or facial oil or serum you apply, water is the answer to everything.

Lack of nutrients, and vitamins

Supplements, I believe that is the best option if we can't incorporate most nutrient intake daily. Vitamins B, C & D supplements are your BFF. It helps with the skin elasticity, strengthens the skin layers, and overall it's excellent for healthy immunity.

How do we overcome skin barrier outbreak?

Try to understand your skin, what's good & bad. Don't get distracted by the latest skincare products and force it on your skin. you are only damaging it. So what, if you are using the same product that fits and suits your skin, it's better to have flawless skin than problematic one. Go easy on the skin, try something mild at least two products at a time before you overload your face or waste money. But don't panicked if your face decides to have an outbreak, always use simple and lightweight products. Let your face rest for two weeks and you will notice your skin will recover. It is a myth that the more products you apply, the faster it recovers. That is wrong. Actually, the lesser you apply, the better the skin gets the chance to recover.

Basic 4 steps when you encounter skin barrier:

  1. Cleanser

  2. Moisturiser

  3. Serum

  4. Sunscreen

Disclaimer: Do not treat yourself if your skin gets worst, please visit a professional dermatologist.

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