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Sure you must be thinking there are heaps of lipstick shades. Why not simply avoid red.

Remember any red is a good red for you. From Strawberry Kissed to Ruby Red Love.

1. Don't overthink it

I know, every girl has some kind of fear about red lipstick. All these questions playing in your head over and over.

Will it look good on me? Will it suit my skin tone? Will it look too flashy? Will it look like I am trying too hard to impress?

To be honest, we are really overthinking the situation. Have a leap of faith and it will turn out better than you expect, trust me. Been there, done that. The most important tip is to wear it with confidence, having a red lip gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, you have to own it with poise and sexiness. Red lips are not just a color, it is empowerment. Don't be the girl next door, it's so overrated now. Be a powerful woman with a red lip.

2. Try it out no matter

For your peace of mind and your best friend, I advise you to give it a try. I recommend Sephora lipstick or cream lip stain, it's affordable and suitable for beginners who are looking for a try-out. Easy breezy application and it stays the longest time on your lip so please don't freak out when the color starts to disappear because it never does. Don't judge a color by it's look. Have a go at it, have fun. A pop of color will change your outlook entirely for the better, of course! Just a simple makeup and a pop of red, perfect!

3. Match with your skin-tone

The answer is yes, it will match from snow white to princess jasmine skin type. We naturally have an undertone hue that adapts to different types of color shades on our skin, that's why you will be surprised how amazing our appearance can transform and our body warmth plays a special touch too. Everyone will experience a different color shade on their lip even though it is the same red. Test it on your friends, you will be in awe.

4. Trust your gut

When it comes to lipstick color, you will know what works for you. The color will become one with you. It will whisper to your lip and make you fall in love again and again. Haha! Play around with different red shades, you will definitely find one that works for you. You will never know it might be the brightest of red.

These are perfect lipstick colors to have in your travel makeup kit for a fun night out while you are on holiday!


One of my luxury lipstick is Givenchy Rogue Deep Red Velvet, which is my holy grail and the packaging is so exclusive and fancy. The color is so rich and pigmented, it gives an immediate "pop" that I love. Most importantly, it nourishes the lip so you can use it during winter too.

It is suitable for occasions.

Price: AU$60

My second to-go favorite cream lip stain is Sephora Cream lip stain, a smooth application but do not over-apply too many times otherwise it will start to crack on your lips. It does stay for a long time even after makeup remover. Well, I think it's cute to have a little red stain on your lip after a shower!

Basic use on a daily basis.

Price: AU$20

Here is an illustrated guide by Loreal Paris on which red lipstick suits your skin tone:

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