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Makeup is such a joy, we can play around with colors and look good while we are traveling but the thought of carrying the regular size products is torture. Not only does it take up space but it can be super heavy too - there goes your 7kg hand carry. Well, brands have finally created a travel makeup kit version of all your favorite regular size products. Yes, take my money!

Here are a couple of tips and tricks to look sleek and fresh after a long-haul flight.

One size fits all is what you need in your tote bag. A travel makeup kit, yes your favorite brands come in mini-size too! You can bring it to work just in case you have a last-minute plan. The best way to avoid carrying a huge makeup kit along with you is to invest in a travel makeup kit especially while traveling. Yes, it is an "in-thing" now. You can customize your own makeup kit from foundation to mascara to mini lipstick.

There are heaps of makeup brands that are investing in mini makeup collection such as IT Cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury and Nars, etc. The best part is that you can easily purchase your own favorite brands and create your signature travel makeup kit to your liking. Trust me, you do not need to buy the complete makeup-artist sort of makeup set. Just a simple foundation, mascara, cream blush, and lipstick that can last through your holiday!

Want to know what is in my travel makeup kit?

Tinted Moisturiser

Image from adorebeauty.

I love IT Cosmetics CC Cream + SPF 50, it comes in two sizes (12ml and 32ml). It is a great investment for both sizes and it lasts you for ages. It is lightweight and a touch of glow after the application. It looks amazing in the night and settles like your second skin. The key ingredient for this CC Cream is titanium dioxide, it helps with sensitive skin and redness-prone skin so your skin is well taken care of. By the way, on the plus side, it is developed by plastic surgeons so what more can you ask for.

Price range: AU$63


Image from mecca.

Oh, I love curly long lashes! By far, the best mascara is Better Than Sex by Too Faced cosmetics. It gives so much length and curls to your eyelashes, it is simply amazing. It can stay for the whole day and night without any fallout. It is not easy to remove even with makeup remover but eventually with proper cleansing, it will be gone. I used the mascara for many years and nothing seems to beat it. I like the thickness it provides on your lashes and gives a doll-like eye shape.

Price range: AU$39

Cream blush

Image from natio.

My newest obsession is Desert Sunset Cream Blush & Highlighter Palette by Natio - I know it can be a mouthful to read the product name. If you have not purchased one, you should! What are you waiting for? This cream blush looks amazing on all skin colors. No matter how fair or olive-skinned you are, the color will remain visible on your skin. I rarely trust cream blushes because I noticed it never stays on my skin and it just blends into the skin and disappears like it never existed ever. It is more focused on fairer skin type but not this one. It is an all-in-one palette. It acts as a cream blush and a cream eyeshadow that you can even apply on your lip or eyelids for extra glam. The highlighter gives a subtle shine that is not too overpowering under the light but it still gives you the dewy look. You can play around with the colors and blend it on your beautiful features. I highly recommend this product.

Price range: AU$22


Lipsticks are a girl's best friend! Just pick one color and what would you go for? Something that pops your overall look. You can find a pumpkin red lipstick which is a bold selection that would magnify your look. Or better yet, pick a color that is not your usual selection. Have fun and you will never know it might turn out better than expected. For risk-takers, I would suggest are violet or fuchsia or even a blood orange color for a wild night. For those who are more conservative, I would pick taupe or velvet teddy or even pillow talk for a calmer night. Famous top brands that I swear by are MAC, Sephora, and Kat Von D. They are going above and beyond on their mini lipstick ranges the past years, so I suggest to go out there and pick something out of your norm.

Price range: AU$20 - AU$35

These are the basis must-have items in your travel makeup kit to make you look fresh and flawless while on holiday!

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