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The first step, look at what you have in your makeup kit and separate the nudes from colors. Keep the colors away so you will not pick for them! You bring all your nudes forward and see what you have to play with. #nudemakeup

Let's get started on the tips and tricks for "no makeup" makeup look. It is all about minimalist, less is more kinda situation.

For your base: To start off with a natural look, the must-have base is the liquid foundation or tinted moisturiser anything that is light for your face as a base. It will give the sheer effortless dewy look, that will enhance your beautiful features. Try to avoid compact powder. Honestly, I am not a fan of compact powder because it will clog your pores over time and your face will look cakey throughout the day. That is not the look we want. We want fresh, radiance, and glow for our skin!

For your eyes: As they say, beauty is the eye of the beholder. Go for a cream eyeshadow, something earthy (brownish bronze) or pinkish nude. Honestly, I am a mascara kinda girl, I do not have the skills or patience to build my 50 shades of eyeshadow on my lids. But I wanted to try something new on my eye that is easy and not a chore. Someone recommended cream eyeshadow and little did I know how easy it is to apply just glide it on your lids with clean hands and voila you are done! I recommend going for a sheer finish, it will enhance your eye feature and give it a pop, a freshness to it - a trick to get away if you had a long night.

While you are aiming for a softer eyeshadow, you can emphasize a darker shade for your eyebrows. It will give you a stronger and fiercer look to avoid the "wash-out" appearance from your nudes. For additional enhancement, you can apply mascara to give the natural thick lashes look. I recommend the brand Maybelline, their mascara application gives a really good volume and definition to your eyelashes. Your lashes will look natural as if it's your own.

For your cheeks: To get a nude makeup look, the key product is cream blush. You can get a cream blush that looks subtle on your cheeks. For Fair skin type, I recommend your pick should be a pinkish or rosy shade, which will enhance your cheekbones and give the summery vibes. For Olive skin type, I recommend an apricot or orangey shade, it will blend well on the base and makes you look like you had a good tan! It is all about how well you play with your makeup to create the illusion.

For your lips: Lipstick is essential in every girl's makeup bag. Ok, so for today we shall pick a pretty nude. But do take note, you do not want to look pale so avoid the pinkish base tone, it is not good for anyone! I recommend going for a brown-based to accentuate your lip shape. By wearing a darker nude, it gives you an illusion of a "pouty" lip too. There is a couple of really good nude lipstick brands such as Charlotte Tilbury (Pillow Talk), Kat Von D (Lolita 1 & 2), Mac Cosmetics (Mocha)- my all-time favorite.

Have fun with nude makeup to flaunt your beautiful face! đź’‹ This is actually my all-time favorite look. Remember to keep it simple and fresh. Heavy makeup is super overrated in 2020.

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