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To achieve a sleek straight hair is an investment. Yes, lucky for those who are born with naturally straight hair, they can get away with the "get out of bed" look every morning. But for those who lack the straight hair genes, we got you covered.

Straight hair is sleek and sexy but it does cost money. for those who are not keen to invest in heat tools like a hair straightener or afraid to damage your hair with too much heat, then this is a must-read for you!

Here are the tips and tricks to get straight hair without any heat:

1. Blow-dry with cold air

Yes, if you have achieved the skills of a blow-out this would be an easy-breezy step for you however the trick is instead of using the hot-air function use for a normal blow-out, we are using cold-air for a sleek straight hair look. To achieve that, you have to air-dry your hair about 3/4 of its way, section your hair like you normally would in a blow-out, then you hold the blow- dryer from the roots to the ends in a downward position using the "cool" setting function. After you have achieved your straight hair look, you may need to apply a straightening serum or a leave-in conditioner treatment to tame your hair and avoid any standing strands.

2. Sleep with your wet hair

I know it is difficult to imagine sleeping with wet hair. But it's not, trust me. I use this method when I want a semi-straight hair appearance the next morning. Take note, sleep with damp hair (not soaking wet though). Use a towel to squeeze the excess water to make sure there are no droplets left otherwise your pillowcase will be soaked. Once you have settled in your pillow, flip your hair upwards like a standing position towards the wall and get a good sleep. The next morning, all you need to do is just to detangle your hair in a brushing motion, apply any type of serum of your choice and you are ready to flaunt your semi-straight hair.

Take note, as tempting as it is to brush while your hair is damp, please do not. Your scalp is very sensitive at that point in time and will lead to major breakage. Brush it when your hair is 3/4 dried.

3. Try a hair mask

Hair masks do work wonders. You can make your own DIY hair mask at home and apply on your hair for deep conditioning to give a shinier and straighter appearance. Hair masks are meant to restore protein and nourish the hair to make it more relaxed. Hence by doing so, you will get a healthier, shinier, and a looser wavy-ish straight hair look.

4. Apply essential oil

There are some essential oils that can make your hair tamer. Coconut oil, almond oil, black seed oil, or argan oil are the best essential oil for the hair, it penetrates into the hair follicles to enriched the cells inside to make it look healthier and shinier. For this method, you have to warm the oil by rubbing between your hands and apply evenly at the ends of your hair. Be careful not to overdo it, just focus on a dime-sized otherwise your hair will get very oily. This application helps to weight down the hair to give the semi wavy straight appearance. Not only does it weigh the hair down slightly but it adds the beautiful gloss to your hair. You get the best of both worlds.

Disclaimer: This process might not work for certain hair texture or type but you can always give it a try, you might never know.

Thank you for reading & Be happy!

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