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It is fun to change your hairstyle every now and then. But are you using the right hair straightener to avoid hair damage? Tried straightening or curling your hair, but it's not doing much?

I know there are too many brands in the market. Every one of them looks good. Influencers are recommending the types that suit their hair condition. But you need to know what's yours too, everyone has different types of hair and texture and thickness, and not all hair straighteners will work for you. Here is what you need to know:

What are the different types of hair straightener your hair needs?


Ceramic plates allow for an even distribution of heat throughout the plates and have a lower potential to burn your hair. The ceramic coating on plates can chip off and cause snagging so it's best to use plates made fully out of ceramic. For full ceramic plates, it is the best tool for delicate hair types to avoid overheating and frizziness to show better results.

Hair type: Fine Hair


Titanium plates heat up the fastest and transfer heat faster than ceramic. If you use them properly, there is less potential for heat damage. But, leaving the plates on one section of your hair for too long can actually cause more damage so be mindful of the heat usage you apply on your hair. Due to the high heat consumption, titanium works better on heavy thick hair types to allow the styles to be more prominent.

Hair type: Thick Hair


Tourmaline is a crystalline mineral that's crushed up and used to coat the plates of a flat iron. It makes hair shinier, straighter, and less frizzy than other flat iron options. It causes the least stress and damage to your hair. Because of its material, it works better for high maintenance hair types.

Hair type: Curly Hair

What are the top brands that will suit your hair type?

Ceramic Plates Hair Straighteners

GHD Original Professor Styler

Let's take a moment to appreciate this exclusive product! This is by far the best affordable brand in the market. Well, like they say the first love is always the best. If you are looking for an iconic evergreen hair straightener to get the job done quickly, this is the one for you.

As we know ceramic plates are excellent for even heat distribution and reduce hair damage, especially for fine hair. It is simple and straightforward to use having the round barrel for flexibility, it is really easy to create any style you want!

Hair type: Fine Hair

Price: AU$210

Shop here

Remington Proluxe Salon Straightener

Gosh! Look how chic this hair straightener looks! This product has the most excellent reviews compared to other good brands in terms of functionality and durability. It works effortlessly and has ceramic plates for good heat distribution so you don't have to worry about your hair smelling like fried chicken.

It delivers great results for various hairstyles like straightening, curling, and wavy texture, easy to maneuver because its lightweight and the cord is long enough so you can have more movement in twisting and turning! Excellent for beginners, not a complicated device at all.

Hair type: Fine Hair

Price: AU$149

Shop here

Titanium Plates Hair Straighteners

Hot Tools Gold Titanium Flat Iron

This is the most likable piece! Well, who wouldn't like the fact that this is the quickest styling hair straightener ever! From frizzy thick long hair to straight hair in just 20 minutes. This product will be awesome for those who need their hair done in the shortest time! With the titanium plates heating up very quickly, this will be a very breezy styling tool. Because of the quick heat properties, it will glide through seamlessly without tugging your hair and the thin plates will be perfect for more define tighter curls hairstyle too.

Great for a quick hair change.

Hair type: Thick Hair.

Price: AU$159

Shop here

Philips Prestige Pro Hair Straightener

Wow, look at that fierce plate! This product is here to definitely get the job done. The titanium plates will heat up in just 10 secs and you can achieve any hairstyles at the quickest time. Excellent for beginners as it is lightweight and does not have unnecessary functions. If you are looking for a basic tool to tame your thick hair at the fastest time, this is the one for you. It is a good investment for the price!

Hair type: Thick Hair

Price: AU$109

Shop here

Tourmaline Plates Hair Straighteners

Muk Style Stick 230-IR

This brand is vastly used in most of the hair salons we go to! So if you want to achieve the straight sleek look you get in the hair salon, this product is a perfect fit for you. As we know, tourmaline plates are the most effective in terms of performance leaving your hair shinier, softer, and less frizzy. The best part is it comes in two sizes. the regular and a wide plate, for those who have thicker hair and want to grab a bunch more.

It works perfectly for both short and long hair. For those with short hair, it can take quite a toll to achieve a successful curly look due to its length but for this product, it grips well to provide the flawless style you want.

Hair Type: Curly Hair

Price: AU$170

Shop here

H2D Linear 11 Rose Gold Wide Hair Straightener

Look at this beauty! This is a very high-quality product with a beautiful rose gold design. Oh! I love the color, I don't mind carrying along as an accessory!

With the wide tourmaline plates, this is perfect for thick hair to allow more hair section to be covered and since it heats up quickly, it is perfect for those who need a quick hair fix in the shortest time. The handling of the tool allows you to maneuver easily and style your hair at a wider section. It is a perfect travel size tool to bring along!

Hair Type: Curly Hair

Price: AU$145

Shop here

Know your hair type and pick the right one. Trust me, you will save a lot of money by doing so! You will be surprised that you do not need splurge on the most expensive ones rather an affordable one that meets your needs. With the right hair straightener, you can achieve your sleek hairstyles effortlessly and flaunt it like you just don't care!

For those who prefer the organic way to tame your locks, there is a heatless straight hair method that you might consider as a routine especially for busy moms! This quick and easy hair method will work wonders for family visits, or birthday parties etc. This is perfect for you to make you feel refreshed.

A women's magic is in her locks.

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