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No salon visits, your hair is in a mess and the last thing you need is to splurge on some fancy hair masks especially during these tough times, every penny counts. Well, since we have the free time in our hands why not create something fun that involves everyone in your household. #hairmask

We all have different types of hair conditions from frizzy to dry to damaged hair and we want to create our own hair masks for our own type of hair condition. Generally speaking, most hair mask products out there focus on the majority hair types. Here is a list of masks that covers everything especially hair growth! Yes, you can thank me later.

This is based on my honest opinion that I have tried these hair masks remedies and it worked very well on me and my family so I decided to share this with all you honeypots to keep you motivated and perhaps even create your own hair masks. If you do create your own, please do share it in the comment box! Good things are worth sharing! #hairmask

Hydrating Hair Mask - The Ultimate Hair Mask

This hair mask is my personal favorite. I do use other types of chemical hair because it does help with my bleached hair but sometimes I reckon it is good to expose more organic remedies to our hair to strengthen from the roots directly. This hair mask has full of rich benefits, especially from the avocado.

Quantity measurement is based on your hair length and the intensity of the damage. The illustration is only a guide, you can add more for better results.

Avocado - Avocado has a great source of biotin and vitamin B complex and it is one of the few oils that actually penetrate into the hair shaft and moisturize the hair follicles, unlike some hair oil that sits on the top coat of your hair without doing anything. The mineral elements in the avocado include potassium and magnesium that help hair grow thicker, longer, and healthily looking.

Eggs - Eggs have been implemented in most home remedies for the longest time because of its abundant source of protein and nutrients. It serves as a "hair food" that provides shine and improves hair elasticity. Most importantly, it prevents hair loss as it is most commonly due to stress, unhealthy diet, or chemically treated hair.

Honey - Honey has its own emollient characteristic that implies as a moisturizer. We know honey is packed with essential antioxidants and enzymes to keep hair nourish and hydrated. It is also good for hair growth (no, your hair will not magically grow longer the next day) but realistically it does strengthen hair follicles to prevent hair breakage - stronger follicles lead to healthier and thicker hair growth over time.

Milk - Milk was used during Cleopatra's time when she showered in it to beautify herself, what luxury! Milk is packed in rich vitamins, like A and B, calcium, potassium, and the most essential ingredient is an amino acid (block of protein). Before I bored you with all these scientific shenanigans, all you need to know is this bloody hell works! Milk helps with hair strengthening, hair growth, dandruff which can be a problem for many women, and locks in moisture for damaged hair. After our hair has been chemically altered, the hair follicles start to weaken and lose its moisture which then causes hair breakage, and our hair will look like it has "stop" growing at a certain length over time.

Coconut Oil - Coconut oil is a healing mechanism, it has been used for bruises, cuts, and even burns. Coconut oil is the main ingredient in every home remedy. It has all the important properties that stimulate hair growth, shine, softness, and even prevent hair breakage and split ends which is the main cause contributing to hair length. The major component of coconut is lactic acid, it is a protein substance that is healthy for your hair. Protein is always a good thing for hair and in your food intake!

These home-made remedies work even for those heavy users using hair tools like the hair straightener, hair curler, and even hairdryer. With all those heat elements on our hair, we require to take extra care of our hair strength and durability from hair breakage in the long run.

For those who are looking for more concentrated hair mask for a specific hair condition:

Quantity measurement is based on your hair length and the intensity of the damage. The illustration is only a guide, you can add more for better results.

Coconut oil and honey is the best hair mask combination ever. These two ingredients have one of the highest enzymes and antioxidants elements a hair (and even skin) needs. It is so good for both hair and skin. Both honey and coconut oil have emollient and lactic acid that acts as a good hair moisturizer for locking in shine and to restore the natural radiance of your hair. A simple remedy that will go a long way.

Quantity measurement is based on your hair length and the intensity of the damage. The illustration is only a guide, you can add more for better results.

I believe this is an unusual combination for you. Brown sugar will help exfoliate the scalp to remove dead skin cells so the hair condition can be clean, leaving the hair even glossier and softer. By doing so, it makes the hair growth process quicker too. For the use of olive oil, packed with high antioxidants it is the most beneficial for a dry and itchy scalp or those who suffer from dandruff. The reason why dandruff is formed is that the hair follicles are lack of moisture and low in PH level. Hence the olive oil treatment, it will help nourish and improve the quality of the hair. Why waste hundreds of dollars on dandruff treatment or dandruff shampoo filled with silicone? Try the organic way which costs wayyyyyy cheaper and is mosttttttt effective!

Quantity measurement is based on your hair length and the intensity of the damage. The illustration is only a guide, you can add more for better results.

Oh, I love this one! I have an oily scalp and it does an amazing job. But do take note, the apple cider vinegar and lemon can be quite overpowering due to the high acidic content so I suggest mixing it with a spoon of water. Apple cider vinegar has natural antibacterial and antifungal that is effective to kill dandruff and remove unwanted residue and gunk from the excessive use of hair products. Not only it is good for scalp treatments but it can leave the hair smooth and shining too. Lemon is well-known for its critic acid and Vitamin C benefits. By adding lemon juice, it can address the root of the hair problem - literally! It will cleanse deeply in the scalp to the hair follicles and restore the PH level of the hair. You can call this a detox hair mask after a whole lot of pollution - it is good to apply once a week. A quick hair color tip: You can apply to lighten the color of your hair for a change too, it meets all hair purpose!

Let's begin our own hair experiment! Please share your experience in the comment box below. #hairmask

Disclaimer: I do not intend for anyone to buy any of these items for the purpose of the hair mask. Let's get creative, you might never know what you have sitting in your kitchen cabinets!

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