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Bold. Dynamic. Fun. These are the upcoming looks for the future (WELL, AFTER ISOLATION OF COURSE!). Natural makeup with a pop of color on the eyes. This is the time to test your creativity.

Not everyone is good at applying makeup especially on the eyes, I am one of them, to be honest. I like the easy, fast, and smooth application so I am so thrilled to announce that minimalistic makeup is the way to go for 2020/2021. Cream eyeshadows have been around for years and were famous for pastel colors back then. But in 2020, things have started to change. Brands are improvising on developing a creamy texture that stays on, dynamic, and vibrant colors, and must be wearable for all eyelids even those with sensitive eyes. I have to say this in a proud manner that cream eyeshadows have taken over and now it is all about playing with bold colors in an easy method.

What is a cream eyeshadow? 

Cream eyeshadows are highly pigmented, crease-free, smudge-free, and stays on your lids for the longest time. It has a creamy smooth consistency that glides easily in one application and can be buildable depending on how strong you want your eye makeup to look. Even if you are not a makeup professional, you can definitely achieve a look with a cream eyeshadow. 

Cream eyeshadow is trending in 2020 because of its effortless approach. First of all, it has an easy application by just using your fingers. Secondly, it doesn't cause any fallouts and thirdly it stays throughout the day (that's what we need!). It's not all about nude or pastel colors this time around. Cream eyeshadow has made a bold statement in colors too, like blue, pink, yellow, and orange. It has fun colors to play around with, easy to blend, and perfect for any age group. 


Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Eyeshadow


Comes in 12 glamorous dynamic ranges of colors to fit everyone's liking from casual to bold. There are two types of textures that are matte and shimmer so you have the option to mix it up. It comes in really appealing colors one of them is a bright golden yellow and a metallic blue which I find interesting for the Maybelline range. Recently, I bought the Maybelline shimmer bronze shade to match with my Revlon matte merlot color to try a new look for a change. To my surprise, I did not expect the colors to match so well, it gives a burgundy smokey eye effect that I adore! I don't usually apply eyeshadow because it is a tedious process for a beginner but with the cream eyeshadow, it is a blissful process and I am loving every bit of it.

Revlon Colorstay Creme Eyeshadow


Comes in 8 vibrant colors and you never expect emerald green to be one of the collection. It comes with a build-in brush but I prefer to use my fingers to have the uneven consistency. It is so smooth, and creamy on the fingers and glides so easily on the eyelids. The colors are saturated, it gives the intense hue of the color and comes in matte and shimmer. I am so glad that they thought of it! The colors are so wearable for an everyday look and even for occasions. It has a buildable texture, the more you apply the bolder it gets so you are in control of the outcome. This cream eyeshadow is suitable for sensitive eyes because there is no fragrance in it so this is perfect for everyone to give it a try. Personally, I bought mine in Merlot, a plum color. It is such a gorgeous color with a matte finish and it enhances my eye shape in a really deep setting which I love!

Morphe Jelly Eye Shimmer


Glitter Glitter everywhere, what will shine the most on my eyes? Look at these products! I am so drawn to the shimmer of these beautiful Morphe Jelly Eye range. The colors are so mystical and magical, honestly, I feel like once I put it on, I will turn into a princess! It comes in 6 shimmery sheer colors even the names are so whimsical like starry star and sunshine. When I received a sample, I had to try the texture because obviously it's jelly eye shimmer so that's something new. To my surprise, it has a creamy and powdery texture like most eyeshadow do but it glides on perfectly and it is buildable too so you can wear it how you want it. It gives a sheer glittery look, I would say this will be good for an occasion or when you are going for a festival. This would be a perfect fit as it gives a bold and adventurous vibe.

Tarte Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner (Limited Edition)


I can't wait to talk about this! Look at this range, the colors are super bold and loud. Tarte has always portrayed to be a fun and funky brand. They have customized products suitable for all women of color, ages, and ethnicity. I love the colors, they are super vibrant and youthful. It comes in 7 colors, the brightest of pink and most greenish of green, and the best part is you can wear it both as a cream eyeshadow or eyeliner. I must say these colors are not for the faint-hearted. It brings more of the festival Coachella vibes, I think this is a perfect purchase for upcoming events. The texture is creamy and very concentrated which is perfect for dynamic colors to enhance the look. It glides on effortlessly and definitely buildable for an adventurous approach.

For bold cream eyeshadow, it is best to have a subtle makeup base like a tinted moisturiser that feels like your second skin that way you allow your eyes to sparkle without portraying a heavy makeup look.

Cream eyeshadow is the best invention ever! Now everyone can apply cream eyeshadow like a professional. There is no right and wrong way in applying eyeshadow especially the cream ones, it is all about having fun and trying out the boldest or lightest of colors and creating your own experience.


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