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Timeless, classic, and demeanor. Those are the three words that describe a French woman.

We do know that French women apply very little makeup to enhance their features and not hide them. Well, the reason for their confidence is that they take care of their skin first before anything else. Their skincare regime is very precise and full of pharmaceutical vitamin serums. They believe that if your skin is good and happy, your makeup is just to flatter what you've got.

Here are the 5 top french makeup brands that French women splurge on for a minimalist look:


Founded by Hubert de Givenchy and Javani Robert Durfy.

The signature red lipstick that every French woman owns. Le Rouge Deep Velvet, it embodies chic and empowerment. Not too bright but yet subtle to look at. Strong and bold those are the lips of French women. It is the ultimate vogue lipstick to fit your French look. Comforting, lightweight, and soft the powdery texture glides seamlessly on the lip, to provide a matte settlement. Comfortable and long-lasting (up to 12 hours), the formula is infused with mango butter to add nourishment to the lips.


Founded by Pierre-Francois Pacal Guerlain.

French women love their mascara to enhance their eyes but just a simple sweep that will do. They don't believe in overdoing their eyelashes with fake lashes or lash perming. Simplicity at its finest. To be sophisticated but yet seductive. Guerlain Intense Volume, Deep Black Mascara has a gentle, creamy, and elastic formula to create thicker lashes. Smudge-proof to prevent running or fall-outs under the eyes. Fine brush weaves to capture even the shortest hair from every corner with stunning intensify volume.


Founded by Christian Dior.

Highlighter for the glow and radiance. French women love looking a little blush as it is part of their signature appearance. A radiant look that will make you look fresh, subtle, and natural. It is all about the natural rosy cheeks. No contouring, or baking it is not about transforming your face but to enhance your features. DiorSkin Nude Luminizer Glow Vibes powder has the instant illuminating sheer that enhances the face with the most desirable glow. Highly concentrated to provide the lustrous structure of the face.


Founded by Yves Saint Laurent Pierre Berge

This is the perfect piece that hides the imperfections. No foundation, we probably have guessed right - Wearing foundation is excessive and unnecessary. French women have one purpose in mind when it comes to face which is conceal what you need. YSL Touche Eclat High Cover Pen is lightweight and has a high concentrated coverage to conceal dark circles, blemishes, and discoloration. Infused in Vitamin E antioxidant and Morrocan Calendula extract that will protect the skin against damaging environmental factors and also to provide a luminous finish.


Founded by Coco Chanel.

French women are not that boring. They love to play with a neutral smoky color palette when necessary. The idea is to find a focus point to emphasize on the feature, flaunt your best asset - it can be the eyes or lips. French makeup is not to overdo it but to emphasize. Ombre Premiere Longwear Cream Eyeshadow is the perfect fit, cream-based, and easy to blend on the eyelids. High concentrated pigments to enhance an intense and sophisticated look. Cream eyeshadow is the best for a quick change from basic daily wear to a fun night out.

"L’élégance est quand l’intérieur est aussi beau que l’extérieur.

Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside."

– Coco Chanel

Si vous êtes triste, ajoutez plus de rouge à lèvres et attaquez.

If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack.

- Coco Chanel

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