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From unicorn shades, peacock hue, and even holographic pastel color variance - we have seen it all throughout the years.

We expect wilder color or even patterns in 2020 but you are wrong. In 2020, it is about going back to the basics. No fancy color, no crazy patterns, and definitely not platinum blonde anymore.

It is all bout keeping it dark. We all know that 2020 hasn't been a good year for us and definitely not as many frequent salon visits as we like to. So let's say Goodbye to high maintenance hair color.

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We noticed some celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and even Dua Lipa who bleached their hair blonde to create a bold statement and be the next trend-setter. Well to our surprise, they have tamed down and lay low, not their fashion trends but in terms of their hair color, of course! We know Khloe Kardashian to be "Blonde Khloe" she had a platinum blonde for many years but recently she was seen in a dark walnut brown (no, they are not hair extension) and you can't bring her down because she mentioned she is loving every bit of it even though she is blonde at heart but she needed a new change this time.

She was seen rocking a brunette on her birthday and she looks like a goddess. Anyway, with blonde or brunette, she is still our favorite Kardashian, and to be honest, I prefer her brunette though.

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Shortly after, we have our one and only Kylie Jenner who had blonde platinum a week before she colored a chocolate chestnut brown. Knowing the fact, she loves to change her hair color every week but going chocolate brown is a huge surprise (again, those are not hair extension). I did not expect her to go back to basic as we know she is very adventurous in her hair color collection. Well, I guess it is good to give the hair a break from excessive coloring.

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Dua Lipa who had to entertain us with her various hair color changes during the lockdown from bubblegum pink to orange color, as finally decided to go back to her original root that is mocha brown and her fans are loving her natural color more! Well, like the celebrities say they owe it to their fans and without them they are nothing.

Anyway, all these hair color changes were fun while it lasted. But I am definitely obsessed with the low maintenance hair color look for 2020. As we know, the regrowth of roots is an unsightly appearance so why not just go darker since everyone is into it right now. But don't worry, we have other options for those who prefer to keep the lighter blonde and still be trendy, you can always go for darker roots and lighter bottom, that way you can have the best of both worlds.

Who says only blondes can be fun! You can always switch it to different dark colors and still look amazing with low maintenance! But with all these excessive bleached hair color, we need to take care of our hair strength and texture with the proper hair treatment to restore to its original healthy ways.

Here are a few hair color inspirations:

Image from glamour.

Image from glamour.

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